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Definition Essay: Happiness

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❶Anything can make you feel happiness.

Happiness Essay: What Does Happiness Mean For You

Writing a Successful Essay on Happiness Secrets
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Mathilde borrows a necklace from her friend in order to go to a fancy ball with her husband. She manages to lose her necklace, with disastrous consequences. Mathilde needed to appreciate what she had and learn…. Happiness is a broad concept encompassing many meanings, and it is a task for inquisitive students to dwell upon various aspects of this notion. Among the topics formulations, there can be the discussion of the very concept, the discussion of a famous quotation, the role of happiness, the pursuit of happiness, etc.

Happiness research topics perfectly suit for a student studying various humanitarian disciplines. Members of colleges and universities regularly receive tasks to prepare assignments on happiness topics.

Exists a special formatting and structure demands for assignments on happiness essay topics. The text has to comprise three main structural parts, namely introductory part, main body, and conclusion. Each of these sections has necessary structural elements. The introductory part should have a thesis, or the statement of a core issue, which will be discussed. The main body has to be enhanced with strong supportive arguments. The last part - conclusion. It should include the summary of main points discussed in the text and a reference to a thesis as well.

Preparation of the assignment on a happiness topic is an exciting task, however, demands a certain level of writing experience and ability to think creatively. Apart from that, it is a time-consuming process.

We offer help with the delivery of various types of papers on happiness topic. Contact us, make an order and get the best paper here! If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Previous Go to page. Tell me now, would you be happy, if you had all the money you wanted,… Philosophy.

Helping Others One day on the way home from work, I was driving on the freeway. Mood is another factor that has great impact on happiness; people often feel happy when he or she is in a good mood; on the contrary, they feel unhappy when he or she is upset and anxious. People often are eager to having happiness and they put many efforts to try to achieve it. There are a variety of factors that could help people to achieve happiness. Firstly, a positive mindset allows people to face difficulties positively and have confidences to overcome the difficulties; as a result, this kind of mindset often help people get desired outcomes with their continuous efforts, which in turn make them feel happy.

Secondly, people should not compare with others too much; they often feel sad or disappointed when they see other people's successes. On the contrary, people are much easier to feel happy when they get some progresses or improvements. Finally, people are much more likely to achieve happiness when they could better adapt the environment and have good relationships with family members and colleagues; In addition, having some good friends are also very important and helpful to help people achieve happiness.

In conclusion, happiness is hard to define, but it is not difficult to achieve it with the helps of various factors. Gary Monday, November 24, at Thanks for sharing this lovely essay. Simon, so far I' ve learned from your lessons that we need to address all the statements, in a question, in order to fullfil the criterion for the task response. In my understanding, in this question, there is one background statement: Factors involved in achieving happiness.

Your essays seems to discussing as is evident from the topic sentences , the 2nd para describes " why it is difficult to define happiness," and the 3rd para highlights the preconditions to achieving happiness. If I were to write this essay, I'd have written the 2nd para disussing about why happiness is important , as well as, why it's difficult to define it.

I'll be thankful to you if you could help to eliminate that confusion. Abdullah Wednesday, December 03, at It is true that majority of people are keen on finding out their own happy life because of its importance. While the personal nature of happiness makes it difficult to define, but I believe there are certain measurements in realizing happiness. Happiness is more difficult to define due to a rich variety of reasons. People understand and perceive it completely different in comparison with each other.

For example, it can be described as a feeling of pleasure or enjoyment for some people, who are able to make more and more contribution to our society, whereas for others, it means something different such as a sense of job satisfaction.

Some people are more likely strict in workplace and this might makes them to get a sense of achievement when they are able to do their duty more accurately. Apart from this, earning enough money can also be a source of happiness. There are also several factors which is important in defining happiness. We all are aware of importance of our basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothes, and other things.

In order to feel happy and having comfortable life we firstly should be able to cover our intrinsic needs. In addition to this, people need to feel they are spending much of their time with relatives, friends, convincing themselves they experience better life than ever before. Sometimes people are becoming more happy when seeing that their children are useful members of society as a results of high quality of upbringing. In conclusion, it seems to me that although it is difficult to define happiness, I believe that after answering main needs of us, happiness can be turn into reality.

Ali Tuesday, December 16, at I really admire the way you have explained the approach we should all keep in mind while taking the test especially the writing section. This is the 3rd time i am taking ielts and every time i flunk it by.

Going through your blogs and videos has made me realize where i exactly went wrong in the writing section. I have access to all the video lessons you shared even the paid ones and now i feel much more confident and hope getting 7 in writing is going to be a cakewalk. Vinay Thursday, December 25, at Thank you very much for sharing your own work. I have once again be convinced of the effectiveness of concise writing. This is essential to me, as I will need to retake a test very soon, for a 0.

Sherry Wednesday, January 07, at Happiness is something that's given by god to every being: It is no doubt true that a considerable number of people would like to be happy in their lives. Although describing a happiness is considered to hard to explain, there are certain steps to take before lead to happiness for human beings. Happiness is dificult to define because of its complex and difference meaning for every person. Some might find achieving success or earning money as a form of happiness while others might consider to being healthy or have a family as a definite meaning of happiness.

There is a famous Indian idiom which says every finger of the hand are different, means every person has different feelings and special passions for themselves. Moreover, nobody can fully understand to anothers feelings or desires and this leads to avoid of giving spesific defines of happiness or what situation couldnt define as happiness. Although telling a certain define of happiness is quite hard, there are some preconditions to take before fulfill to happiness.

First of all, any person need to be in secure of find a safe place to live or enough food to eat. Our basic survival needs must surely be met before we can lead to pleasant. Secondly it is important to share experience with family or friends, therefore this cause the biggest joy in our life. Moreover, other key factors could be individual freedom or having a purpose in life.

In conclusion, even defining a happiness would be a hard exam to achive, we can surely say that there are some basic factors to experience happines in our lifes. Hashimi Friday, May 08, at Dear Simon, thank you for helping to improve our writing skills for task 2.

I would be grateful if you could give my response a Band score if you have time of course! Many people agree that happiness is an essential part of human life. I believe that there are many diverse aspects that underlie happiness, making it difficult to define. I also feel that a sense of long-lasting satisfaction is a vital factor when achieving happiness, as long as it does not result in harm.

One reason why it may be difficult to characterise happiness objectively is because there are many ways to attain happiness. For one person, happiness might mean achieving calm or bliss through spiritual practices; whereas for another, leading a life of materialism and fame may constitute happiness.

Therefore, the meaning of happiness is a subjective matter that depends on the preferences held among different individuals. In my opinion, a number of factors are essential in achieving happiness. The first is that measures to attain happiness should be relatively easy to undertake; or at least be worthwhile. For the average person, there is little sense in trying to become the most wealthy individual in the world, since this is an unrealistic aim.

Secondly, happiness should result in a sense of long-lasting satisfaction. Finally, achieving happiness should ideally not be a harmful venture. For instance, several people derive great pleasure, or bliss, from consuming illicit drugs, alcohol or cigars; with detrimental consequences to their health.

In the long run this constitutes the opposite to happiness: In conclusion, my viewpoint is that happiness cannot be defined easily as there are many ways of attaining this state. The most essential factors in obtaining happiness include: Akash Monday, June 01, at Zohaib Wednesday, September 02, at Abdus Sakur Saturday, August 13, at There are several reasons why it is not easy to define happiness.

Firstly, happiness is an internal feeling and people have different definitions for it based on their own situations. For instance, for some people, money brings happiness, while for some others, having a decent job or a high salary is only a way of meeting some basic requirements that every human has. Secondly, in different societies, people define it differently. This can be associated with the cultural views that individuals in various countries have. For example, in my country, depending on the region one lives, the definition differs.

If somebody lives in major cities, high education is very prestigious and those who are highly-educated are quiet happy. Many factors including wealth, a high-income career, physical and mental health, beauty, a romantic relationship and a high university degree play important roles in obtaining happiness.

But it is worth mentioning that the most important element is satisfaction. If a person has all of these factors and not yet contented with his or her valueslife, he or she will not be able to experience the feeling of pleasurehappiness. There are some people that are always complaining even if they have everything. In other words, in order to have a happy life, what really matters is the way that we see life. In fact, the sense of gratification can make us happy.

In conclusion, it is true that happiness is a difficult conceptterm to be clearly defined, since people have different points of views about it. However, I believe that if we are satisfied with what we have, we can experience it. Ali Cenah Karakol Thursday, September 15, at The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. Having trouble reading this image?

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We can do some practice. Hope this will help. Hi Simon, I have a question. Hi Simon, a friend of mine recommend your site.. I found some brilliant ideas in your essay sample. Many thanks to you, Simon. I'm glad you like the essay guys! In the comments above, students have expressed confusion about the phrases below: Can anyone explain why? Hi Simon, I think the top three phrases are easy to explain: Let me try to explain in terms of grammar.

Thank you in advance: If you know that, then it should be a short walk to being happy. If you can find something that makes you happy, truly happy, then life will be a lot better for you. You have to feel it for yourself.

You need to go out and learn for yourself. You need to figure it out in your own way, and not let anybody else tell you what it is. If you want any kind of answer, you have to find it for yourself. Go find what makes you happy. And maybe if you understand it, you could come back and tell me. I want to live, and I want my life to be happy. We can all go together. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email.

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This is just something I wrote when I started pondering life a little bit more.

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Success at the expense of everything else, for example, leads to the opposite of happiness. Life requires balance. And people that understand that there is a balance to work and play, strife and joy, are more in tune with the universe and, therefore, better able to achieve happiness. Life with a dose of humor is more pleasant.

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However, happiness and its sources have been defined differently based on religious, biological, philosophical and psychological grounds. This essay seeks to demystify the puzzle about happiness and how it is attained. "Conclusion For Pursuit Of Happiness" Essays and Research Papers Conclusion For Pursuit Of Happiness The American Emphasis on the Pursuit of Happiness The .

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Conclusion. The first part of an essay is the introduction. Here you have to introduce your topic, in this case it is an essay about happiness, in a manner that every reader will understand what points the essay will cover. Needless to say you should make your topic sound interesting. On Happiness 1 Essay. ethics On Happiness Sara, Reno, Mia ~Happiness as the Chief goal of Ethics Is and/or should Happiness be the Chief goal of Ethics? One may argue that other entities in life make up the top priorities of Ethics, such as Religion, Moral Code, as well as other virtues.