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Precalculus Homework Help: Answers & Questions

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❶Jan is 6 feet tall.

Precalculus Answers

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If you want to put a 4 x 8 piece of plywood through a 3 foot square opening in your ceiling by turning it diagonally, is the opening big enough? Use a triangle since it is a square.

Is there an association between the use of a computerized system and hospital mortality? In a large-scale hospi. Jan is 6 feet tall. She spots a giant diamond at the base of thiscanyon, on the opposite side. She wants to know how deep it is. Theangle of depression from her line of sight is?. I would like help on this paper. I need help with Pre-Calc homework dealing with Quadratic Equations.

Hep me to solve these review exam questions. A bag contains 5 purple jelly beans, 3 pink jelly beans and 2 yellow jelly beans. The area of a projected picture on a movie screen.

Calculus discussion response question. Have a similar question? Continue to post Continue to edit or attach image s. Difference Quotients Homework: Board problems A-C Homework: Factoring with chunking worksheet. Coordinate Geometry problems Partial Fraction worksheet Chapter 2 Quiz One Study Guide. Practice Quiz Key Part 2: Practice Quiz Key Part 3: Practice Quiz Key Part 4: Practice Quiz Key Chapter Two: Practice Quiz Key Chapter Three: Look over practice quizzes and Honors homework: Complete Chapter One Exam Homework: Read the examples from the sections to review the problems that you couldn't do Homework: Holiday Martin Luther King, Jr.

Four board problems Homework: Practice Quiz Two Optional practice problems: Function transformations Video support: Transformation of functions Homework: Board problems Homework: So, do you have homework in your precalculus unit? Here are among the prime areas that we can help with. Arguably, this is the most fundamental concept in mathematics. Here, students aim at understanding the relationship between numbers that have been combined to form a set.

For instance, 2,4,8,10 are independent numbers that have been combined to form a set. Each of the numbers in the above set is considered as a member. From a mathematical point of view, a set can be defined from two different angles. Intensional Definition is the first method. This is where the rule of semantic description is employed. The second method is known as extension definition. This is normally characterized by a set of numbers that have been enclosed in curly brackets.

You will most probably get homework in regards to sets as applied in precalculus. Of course you know what to do.

Our team is more than willing to help you out. This is a branch of precalculus that focuses on the relationships between lengths and angles in a triangle.

This implies that everything studied under this sub-unit is in relation to triangles. At this juncture, students aim at learning the different types of angles created in a triangle, how to find unknown values in a triangle, and how to distinguish between different types of triangles. In the process of doing all the aforementioned operations, students are required to employ different formulae.

The type of formula to be applied depends on the problem at hand. Is this your area? We know that such tasks can be quite challenging. Again, we will work towards helping you make the best. To most people, this branch of precalculus comes as an extension of trigonometry. It is an extension in the sense that most of the things covered here are in regards to functions of a triangle, particularly the angles.

Particular identities are used in operating problems in this area.

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