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Importance of Donating Blood

Benefits of donating blood

❶We will surely feel happy as people will shower their blessings on us for giving ourselves blood and saving their life. You can visit any of your nearest hospitals and donate your blood there.

How to donate blood?

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It is essential for the human body while taking blood. It is a primary authority must for make sure about blood it is infected or not. If it is infected, then that person cannot donate the blood to another person. Before you are ready to donate blood, the hospital professionals will make the principal diagnosis of the iron content, cholesterol, hemoglobin, etc.

Thus you can find out whether everything is normal or not. If everything is fine, the doctor will suggest you make the donation. Blood donation is our human duty. Our body does not get affected if we donate blood. The body can repair the loss within a few days. So we must come forward to give blood as it can make sure the return of a dying man again into the light of life. Everyone has to give the blood for better health and save someone life.

During the giving of blood as it is painless and will take about an hour only. So whenever we have spare time, we can visit the hospital and donate the blood. We will surely feel happy as people will shower their blessings on us for giving ourselves blood and saving their life. I love helping Aspirants. You may join me on Facebook. Will not be published Required. You can use these html tags: About the Author Sandeep. India got freedom from the British rule on date Short Paragraph, Essay for Students and Children - National integration Meaning of National Integration Our nation has some the cultures, languages, faith, religions and regions.

Apart from all, there is some combination of Honesty, Honesty is the great policy, Short paragraph for Students - Honesty Honesty and loyalty are key. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. World Breastfeeding Week People are used to celebrating World Breastfeeding Week from the May 31, at 8: Quite often, blood is needed to help people with severe traumas received in traffic accidents or natural disasters WHO, To ensure that all these people receive timely treatment, a hospital should have the regular blood supply because fresh blood can be stored for a limited period of time.

Therefore, it is critical for healthcare providers to encourage eligible healthy people to donate their blood. Donors need to realize that they help real people, who rely on their decision and have no other choice than to wait for someone to give their blood American Red Cross, As argued by Boyle , the lifesaving power of blood donation can hardly be overestimated, as it helps hospitals to deliver holistic and timely care.

The blood donation process is quick, easy, and painless. The actual process takes no more than eight-ten minutes, during which a donor sits comfortably while nurses or other medical staff take the required amount of blood.

After the donation, it is recommended to have a nutritious meal and drink and then return to the daily activities with a feeling of pride and accomplishment American Red Cross, Contrary to the common misconception, blood donation is a fulfilling and even beneficial process for donors.

The main benefit is that a person receives a free and quick checkup, which allows making sure that everything is fine. This experience makes people more conscious and empathetic and allows them to feel their contribution to the society, which positively affects their emotional well-being and self-esteem.

Thus, one may summarize that blood donation is beneficial for both patients and donors. To draw the conclusion, I would like to say that blood donation is a key process that allows hospitals to provide timely help. Without donors regularly giving their blood, it would be impossible to save thousands of hospitalized people who lost large amounts of blood. As far as I am concerned, healthcare providers need to educate the community about the importance of donation and explain to people that it is a totally safe and fulfilling experience that creates invisible bonds among people and contributes to high social awareness and responsibility.

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Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society. It is not harmful for an adult person to donate blood. The body of the donor can regenerate the blood within few days.

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Blood donation is a voluntary process wherein volunteers provide their blood for a community supply. “It is crucially important for any country to advance its blood transfusion system to ensure regular, safe and sustainable blood supply”. It is rather important therefore that every individual is aware of blood donation basics and fully . Because the blood cannot be manufactured in the clinical setting, there is a high demand for eligible donors ready to donate their blood regularly (American Red Cross, ). In this short persuasive essay, I argue that donating blood is extremely important for saving lives and can be even beneficial for donors themselves.

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After donating the blood, the human body regenerates the blood after few days with the new cells. It is a healthy process which defines that a person is fit and beautiful. The entire body gets to freshen up, and most of the health problems come to an end. Blood donation is one of the best methods for a person to increase their longevity from a life-threatening injuries or diseases. Health care organizations are always looking for donors on an everyday basis Importance Of Blood Donation (Speech Sample) September 12, by admin Essay Samples, Free essay sample on the given .