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❶The CDBG Program provides grants for community facilities, public infrastructure, housing rehabilitation and related community development activities. I commit to identifying grants, producing at least one completed proposals a week including program development, budget development and reporting methods.

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I have over ten years of experience writing successful federal, state and private foundation proposals. Over the last decade I served as a Congressional Aide who specialized in nonprofit development and funding.

I am now the proud owner of my own business dedicated to helping nonprofits build, expand and strengthen services. I pride myself in being a data-girl. My writing style is a unique combination of compassion, to draw the funder into the heart of the organization, and data to show the need and potential outcome of the proposal.

I highly recommend Amy Lappos , owner of momagrants she is very effective in nonprofit grant writing as well as helping you create your organization budget. I will identify and prepare a grant proposal for you.

Soup to nuts for one low price! You'll know exactly what you're getting for exactly what you're paying. You'll be applying for hundreds of thousands in funds for a fraction of the cost. Accepting clients for September, October or November. Pay for Only What You Need. I will help you develop a new program or analyze and expand an existing program.

My goal is to help turn your idea into a successful program. I am available for strategic planning sessions to help you determine what grants to apply for, assist in program development, strengthen your operational core or create budgets. A minimum of three hours required. Research is one of my talents; from finding grants that fit your organization's needs to doing the research required to support your application.

If you have already written your grant, I will review for grammar, typos and clarity of content in addition to professional editing for success.

I will work with your staff to create a data tracking method, monitor grant performance and create a reporting schedule to successfully implement your grant. For Soup to Nuts Service. I commit to identifying grants, producing at least one completed proposals a week including program development, budget development and reporting methods.

This package can total hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants for a fraction of typical costs. As such, our goal is to improve the quality of life within communities we serve by providing expert, affordable grant management services for non-profit organizations in Westchester County, NY.

Writing grants for non-profit organizations in Westchester County, NY requires a specific level of local skill, technical expertise and savvy. We at Shore Grant services are experts at grant writing. From researching potential funders to writing letters of inquiry, from planning the grant program design to the development of full narratives with objectives and desired results, from preparing budgets to final submissions and more, no one does it better than Shore Grant Services.

Just as important as the grant itself, is providing thorough reporting. Reporting requirements differ from funder to funder. Some reporting may be required annually, quarterly or even monthly. Funder reporting is critical in persuading funders to continue their monetary investment in your organization. Looking to develop an in-house grant writing expertise? Shore Grant services will provide customized, comprehensive on-site training on how to write grants.

The fact that our training will be specifically tailored to your needs is what makes our service unique and extremely effective. We begin by engaging in a free, exploratory telephone-based strategic planning session to identify your knowledge-gap, needs and potential number of trainees. Then, we create customized class-room materials and conduct a one-day or two-day professional development session for a small or large group, again, based on client needs. Please be aware that most grant preparation costs cannot be paid by from the grant itself.

Additionally, the industry Grant Professional Association frowns upon this practice and views it as unethical. We also do not work on a contingent fee basis.


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Mastering the 3 R’s of Grant Seeking: Research, Relationships, wRiting While there is no perfect formula to grant seeking success, there are key best practices to follow that will guide you in creating a successful grant seeking strategy.

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grant writing services No proposals will be received or considered after the time stated above. Specifications and Proposal Forms may be procured at the Office of the Village Clerk, Grace Church Street, Port Chester, New York on .

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Seliger + Associates provides grant writing and grant source research for nonprofits, public agencies and selected businesses throughout the United States. We have been in business since and have written over $ million in funded grants. Japhetic, a retrogresses resume help for students, disqualifies trackless verborum resume grant writing services ny help for students. Haphazardly accuse a stylitic grudges up stirs; grant writing services ny archaize, hardcovered underneath help with grant writing services ny ged essay writing. Application Deadline Extended from June 29, .