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The Hunger Games Questions and Answers

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❶For the purpose of answering this question, I will assume you are referring to the novel The Hunger Games rather than the whole trilogy.

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A monologue can be written to reveal a stream-of-consciousness, thus Describe what happens in the middle of the story of The Hunger Games? The question is a little bit vague because it doesn't define what chapters would be the "middle" of the story.

It's also unclear as to whether or not the question is asking about a single event or How is Katniss influenced by authority figures? If we define authority figures as those with a degree of power over Katniss, then What, exactly, makes the Capitol so powerful? The Capitol maintains strict control of its surrounding districts in The Hunger Games through fear. One way in which the Capitol ensures and maintains fear is through the Reaping process.

How is the Avox girl punished? The Avox girl, whose name is Lavinia, is first encountered by Katniss when she's out hunting with Gale in the off-limits wild forest outside District Lavinia is with a boy, and they seem to be In the novel The Hunger Games, how do the characters become more mature or responsible throughout I'd like to focus on Katniss Everdeen for this question. In some ways, Katniss does not do much maturing during this novel. This is because she has been forced into a coming-of-age moment much Why is District 12 surrounded by fences?

In The Hunger Games, District 12 is surrounded by fences. The narrator of the story, Katniss Everdeen, lives in District According to her, "Separating the Meadow from the woods, in fact What are Katniss's hopes and dreams? Katniss does not have huge hopes and dreams; she does not want to become a famous medical doctor and cure the world of cancer.

She is from a poor district, and she quickly gets thrown into a Who is Katniss Everdeen? Katniss is a teenage girl living in District 12 of Panem, a dystopian version of the United States. Explain why katniss has difficulty trusting people. The reason that Katniss struggles with trust is because she sees it as a weakness. She even admits it to readers in Chapter 9. The Games begin in two days, and trust will only be a weakness.

When Prim's name is drawn to compete in the games, Katniss volunteers as tribute. How did the conflict get resolved if it was resolved?

To some extent, the question should clarify which conflict is resolved or not resolved. If we are talking about the person versus person conflict that involves Katniss having to survive against The government of Panem has basically created the central conflict s in The Hunger Games. The government has, for seventy-four years, held the Hunger Games as a reminder to the people of Panem What are the conflicts and choices that were made in the movie?

The Hunger Games, both Suzanne Collins's novel and the film adaptation directed by Gary Ross, present life-or-death conflicts for the characters both before and during the Capitol's Hunger Games How does Katniss's early encounter with Peeta affect their relationship after they are chosen as Katniss's childhood encounter with Peeta makes her more compassionate toward him than she would be otherwise. His kind act as a child also makes her more inclined to trust him, though she does How does her early encounter with peeta affect their relationship after they are chosen as tributes.

In Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta are both teens in District 12 when they become the district's tributes in the 74th annual Hunger Games, a competition in which children must What does chapter 1 of The Hunger Games suggest about life in the future?

Protagonist Katniss introduces the reader to a dystopia in the first chapter of The Hunger Games. The issues at hand are starvation and general lack of resources, mistreatment of the working class, Integer Warp - Math Game. Kangaroo Hop - Geometric Shapes. Me and The Key - Logic Game.

Me and The Key 2 - Logic Game. Me and The Key 3 - Logic Game. Papa's Burgeria - Logic Game. Papa's Cupcakeria - Logic Game. Papa's Hot Doggeria - Logic Game. Papa's Wingeria - Logic Game. Penguin Jump Multiplication Game. Pony Pull Division Game.

Puppy Canoe Race - 2 Digit Addition. Puppy Chase Decimals Game. Ratio Blaster Math Game. Ratio Stadium - Math Game. Seesaw Logic - Weight Game. Snail Bob 2 - Logic Game. Snail Bob 3 - Logic Game. At first, the children practiced shooting at targets with arrows made from of reed or rushes. Older boys were given adult-sized arrows, which could travel about yards when they were shot. Wampanoag girls learned many skills from being with and watching adult women. They would make small pots out of clay, modeled after the bigger cooking pots that their mothers made.

They played with dolls and learned to how to make their own out of cornhusks and corncobs. They learned to dress the dolls, sew clothing, and weave small bags as well. Both girls and boys learned and played many games. A small object, such as a ring made of a vine, was tied to a string.

The end of the string was tied to a stick. The children would toss the object up in the air and try to catch it on the end of the stick. Some toss and catch games were made from deer bones.

Toss and catch games encouraged good eye-and-hand coordination. This skill helped in hunting with a bow and arrows, and also with weaving and other kinds of careful work. Both boys and girls practiced running in footraces. Native People were known to be excellent runners. Sachems leaders sent messengers from village to village to carry news to the People. These messengers had to be runners with good endurance for long distances. Learning to run well as a child was good practice for becoming a messenger as an adult.

Some games were played for sport or for settling a disagreement. One side of these pieces was dark and the other side was light-colored. The players bounced the playing pieces by bumping the bowl on the ground.

Score was kept using scoring using sticks that were passed back and forth, depending on who won each toss. Although all these activities and games were fun for children, these were the ways in which Wampanoag children learned the skills to live well as adults. Do you ever play naughts and crosses, draughts, all hid, lummelen, or hop frog?

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Homework Help; Fun and Games; Fun and Games. Wampanoag Children Play | Pilgrim Children Wampanoag Children Play and Learn. Wampanoag children have always learned important skills from playing and watching the adults around them. Among other activities, they learned how to swim, shoot and dodge arrows, weave, sew, run swiftly, and play games of. 8 Fun Homework Games. The time you put in now will help your child become a smarter, faster, more independent learner in the future. That's a payoff that can lead to a healthy, life-long relationship and interest in learning." Gillian Burdett is a freelance writer.