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The Red Scare of 1919 Essay

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❶Or perhaps, you both can learn new techniques together.

The economy was in good shape because war time contracts had cased industry to boom. Labor was supported by the government during the war in order to keep production levels high. After the war ended, however, contracts were canceled, which caused rising unemployment, and managers stopped cooperating with labor. Without government support, labor unions began to strike in order to recapture the gains they had made during the war. One such strike took place in Seattle and involved sixty thousand workers Painter, Soon, this strike and others were labeled as a communist effort to undermine the American economy.

The cycle of hysteria had begun. Labor unions were seen as Bolshevik sponsored organizations, and union members were labeled as communists. America began to become afraid because they saw there way of life slipping away. This fear would soon turn into action. The fear of radicalism stemmed, as stated earlier, from the era of intolerance during World War I.

Propaganda techniques that once united the American public against Germany and hyphenated Americans during the war were easily converted into an instrument to cast a negative light on Bolsheviks.

After all, America was not happy with Russia leaving the war and instituting a form of economy that was directly opposite of capitalism. Bolsheviks, therefore, were seen as a threat to democracy. Likewise, the forming of the Communist International was seen as an attempt to spread communism throughout the world. People felt insecure after the war, and this feeling was only bolstered by the idea that communists were working to overthrow the American economy and government.

The Red Scare of had begun. Labor unions were hardest hit. However, anyone seen as radical was persecuted and labeled a red. In fact, the New York State Assembly dismissed five elected socialists.

People thought that Russia was going to cause an internal revolution within the US that would eventually end up removing the democratic government and replacing it with a dictator and communist government. The thought of Russia even attempting to do an attack was foolish from the beginning.

America was also happy with its democratic government and was sure that they would have defeated the revolution. This is why America never had any true reason to fear a communist takeover occurring in the United States. The entire Red Scare was meant to keep communism out, and the main reason they wanted to do that is so they could remain free. As the party members stood quietly and watched, the police confiscated party records, including a membership list, communist pamphlets, hundreds of copies of the manifesto of the Communist party of America, a small printing press, a mimeograph machine and two typewriters.

Then the police arrested twenty-two party members and locked most of them up in the third precinct police station on Pearl Street. Working through the night, police raided the homes of other party leaders, picking up George Till at 1: Lusk of Cortland—had been established in March to investigate individuals and organizations suspected or promoting the overthrow of the United States government.

The raids in November, December, and early January were the culmination of months of activity that had left the country in general, and Buffalo in particular, in a state of panic. One time a New York postal clerk found sixteen more bombs that had not been sent due to a plethora of insufficient postage. Not even a month later after the April 28th bomb scare, another bomb destroyed the front of the home of Attorney General A.

Mitchell Palmer in Washington. May Day riots occurred in several major U. This raids were created by the New York legislature action that created the Lusk Committee. Even with the legislation in place, Attorney General Palmer complained that not enough was being done to deportees. Even though after the Red Scare, he argued for the release of a Socialist that was imprisoned during the Scare and during it he helped convict many.

In August of , Palmer created an intelligence department to deal with problems that originated with anarchists. Edgar Hoover to lead the new agency. The Red Scare finally came to an end after a series of actions by high government officials. Assistant Secretary of Labor Louis F.

Post began to reject most of the immigrant related cases that were brought to him. Even the Secretary of Labor himself, William B. Wilson turned against Palmer. Out of 6, warrants issued during the raids, less than 1, resulted in deportations. Even though everyone opposed his actions, he still had the dream of running for president.

But He was never nominated. By , the Red Scare, was disappearing and by it was virtually gone. The hysterical anti-radical outbreak in and was relatively short-lived but that it left its mark on immigration policy, labor relations, and Constitutional liberties that lasted for generations.

Higham argues that the Scare grew out of a fear that a huge part of the American population during World War I derived from enemy territory. Home Papers Red Scare. This is just a sample. To get a unique essay Hire Writer.

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And I wasn't going to be denied. The exact setting or place we met at is inconsequential as is the total amount of time we spent, as they say in poorly written adult novels, "exchanging furtive glances. Accessed May 19, See it now - interview with senator joseph mccarthy [Web]. Cold war nuclear fears now apply to terrorists. The New York Times. Works Cited Albert Lamorisse. The Miami Herald [online] Accessed 12 Jun. References 1] Levin, Murray B.

Political Hysteria in America: The Democratic Capacity for Repression. A Treasury of Great American Scandals. Monsters, Mushroom Clouds, and the Cold War. Reading Gravity's Rainbow in Context. Authority and the Cold War in Gravity's Rainbow. Journal of American Studies 33 3: The Fifties New York:.

Hiebert, Ray, and Roselyn Hiebert. The Stock Market Crash, America in Prosperity and Depression, Works Cited Abrahamsen, David. Responses, reflections, and occasional papers. Accessed 15 October Crowell, William P.

Available from Internet, http: Accessed 15 October Works Cited Alba, Richard. The Case of Sacco and Vanzetti: A Critical Analysis for Lawyers and Laymen. Works Cited Barbre, C. References Skal, David J. A Cultural History of Horror. Norton and Company, References Comerford, Michael Sean. Is China a Threat to the U. Federation of American Scientists. Murray, Geoffrey, and Ian G. Education and social change.

The vision of the public junior college, Professional goals and popular aspirations. A new history of educational philosophy.

References Wheels and Becker. The Nineteenth Amendment is Ratified. Changing Interpretations of America's Past, Vol. The Eighteenth Amendment Takes Effect. Reinventing Trade Unionism for the 21st Century. Net Economic History Services. Sluggish Institutions in a Dynamic World: Can Unions and Industrial Competition Coexist. Works Cited Adler, Thomas P. Arthur Miller's The Crucible. The Background and Sources. References Bill of rights. Retrieved May 21, from http: Bibliography Dominik, Andrew, dir.

A Suburban Memoir New York: WW Norton, Criminalization of Gays in the View Full Essay. Summary - the Sex Survey. The Arguments and the Motives. How We All Pay the Price. Public Law and Public Administration. The University of Alabama Press, Impact on the Political Climate of the American 's Red Scare -- the increasing involvement in South East Asia provided an element of fear and further control in American politics.

Entire Senate hearings were based on putting normal civilians on communist "black lists. However, this failed and the country is still divided even today. The war did, however, stimulate the economy and lay down the country's entrance in the Vietnam War. Suburban Cities View Full Essay. New Castle County had significant role in national movement.

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Free Essay: The First and Second Red Scare of the United States paved the way for a long standing fear of communism and proved to be one of America’s largest.

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the red scare essays The Red Scare took place twice in American History. First in the period of to which was triggered by a Communist take over of Russia. The Red scare . The red scare was the turning point in American history to ignite the fire of anti-communism and set the paradigm that a communist nation would attack. Many countries fell to communism over time and the United States would desperately soon react.

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The Red Scare of was the first of two major periods in American History when fear of radicalism culminated in the persecution and deportation of Americans thought to be radicals (communists, anarchists, or socialists). An unprecedented event, the Red Scare of exhibits how popular. The Red Scare Essay examples Words | 5 Pages First and Second Red Scare of the United States paved the way for a long standing fear of communism and proved to be one of America’s largest periods of mass hysteria.