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What is difficult about discrete mathematics homework

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A sports team of 11 students is to be constituted choosing at least 5 from class XI and 5 at least from XII. If there are 20 students in each of these classes, in how many ways can the team be constituted? Number of students in each class is Given five different green dyes, four different blue dyes and three different red dyes, how many combinations of dyes can be chosen taking at least one green and one blue dye?

The least number of dyes that a combination can have is 2. Maximum number of dyes that a combination can have is At least one green dye can be selected out of 5 green dyes.

The number of ways is. After selecting one or more green dyes, we can select at least one blue dye out of 4 different blue dyes.

After selecting at least one green dye and at least one blue dye, at least one red dye or no red dye can be selected in. A letter lock consists of three rings, each marked with fifteen different letters. Find in how many ways it is possible to make an unsuccessful attempt to open the lock. Find the sum of all four digit numbers formed by using 2, 3, 6, 9 in which no digit is repeated.

If 2 occupies unit's place, the remaining 3 digits can be arranged in 3! Similarly, if 2 occupies ten's place, hundred's place, thousand's place, in each of these cases we get 3! Thus, the positional value contributed by 2 to the sum when it occupies different values is 3!

The required sum is 3! Over 11,, live tutoring sessions served! To get the best deal on Tutoring, call Toll Free. Discrete Math Problems Back to Top. There are seven signal flags of seven different colors to hang on a mast. How many different signals can be sent when four flags are used? In how many ways can 10 examination papers be arranged so that best and the worst are never together? Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics. Discrete Math Equivalence Relations. Discrete Math Graph Theory.

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Solutions to exercises in Discrete Math textbooks [math]\left[\begin{array}{cc|c}a & b & c\\d & e & f\\g & h & i\end{array}\right][/math].

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Dec 11,  · Discrete Math is a subject which is quite difficult. So click here to take assistance from Discrete Math Homework Help team of Discrete Math Discrete mathematics. Refers to the division of mathematics that deals with objects that take only distinct, separated values this means that it uses mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete rather than continuous. Difficulties in discrete mathematics Given that discrete mathematics is a.