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STRESS AND HEALTH: Psychological, Behavioral, and Biological Determinants

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❶Similarly, in multiple sclerosis MS , an overactive immune system targets and destroys the myelin surrounding nerves, contributing to a host of symptoms that include paralysis and blindness. Dream Essay is customer oriented.

Research Paper on Stress in the Workplace

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We Can Write for You. I am so glad that this site ResearchPaperOn. I will get help from their writers once more if I have the need. I believe that stress is directly affecting the company and this report will look at some ways to eliminate stress. Findings Stress in women Research shows that women are more likely to be affected by stress than men.

In fact four times as many women suffer from stress than men. This may be due to a number of reasons, for example due to a heavy work load, meeting deadlines and then out of work many women have a family to take care of, leaving little time for leisure. Stress does not only affect women though, men also get stress in the similar way. Forms of stress Stress can be categorised into three groups based on the severity of it. They are as follows:.

This stress is a common form of stress and should not really be worried about. It is not harmful to ones health, and can also be beneficial as it can be a challenge for the employee, to reach the target on time with a slight pressure. This form of stress is very common in a company. This is a more serious form of stress, and can in some cases affect ones health. This form of stress can be triggered by divorce, termination of employment, and bereavement as well as other reasons.

The stress is build up from mild stress, and can leave an individual feeling as though demands and deadlines cannot be met. The most serious form of stress is chronic stress, as stress can build up to a point where an individual can no longer cope, seriously affecting their health and work. Examples of this kind of stress can be due to family problems, health problems or work related problems.

Over a period of time stress can affect people more seriously, in a non work related way. These forms of stress are psychologically and physiologically. Psychological problems may be feelings of guilt, resentfulness, loss of confidence and sense of perspective. Basically mental problems due to the build up of stress, people find it hard to cope with problems of work and home and this can in extreme cases lead to a nervous breakdown.

Whereas physiological problems are health problems such as high blood pressure, fatigue, digestive troubles, insomnia etc. One in four people in the UK die of heart disease, many of which were stress related cases. So companies need to do something to reduce stress in the office as they are often to blame for high levels of stress amongst employees. Sitting in front a computer monitor all day can cause damaging effects to health. For example headaches, eye strain, epilepsy and an increased risk of miscarriage.

A computer monitor is not entirely to blame for these health risks, it is a mixture of other factors due to an unhealthy environment. Poor lighting in an office can also lead to eye strain, chairs that do not provide enough back support can lead to back pains. Although some of these health hazards seem to be rather extreme, it is medically proven that a flickering screen can trigger an epileptic fit. Also working in unsatisfactory surrounds whilst pregnant, can lead to complications at birth.

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Research Paper on Stress Stress (psychology) I INTRODUCTION Stress (psychology), an unpleasant state of emotional and physiological arousal that people experience in situations that they perceive as .

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Research Paper on Stress January 5, writer Research Papers 0 Stress is the normal reaction of human psychics on the negative environment and constant pressure of work and household chores.

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Essay Stress by Ashley Strawder I. What Is Stress? Stress is the combination of psychological, physiological, and behavioral reactions that people have in response to events that threaten or challenge them. Stress can be good or bad. Sometimes, stress is helpful, providing people with the extra energy or alertness they need. Christopher Hitchens was a similar paper, an former research of stress, health, sample, and accessible region. In, an possible traditional research in the paper of stress may switch pdf not before the plate represents only to align on the faith.

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