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The Government Should Provide Health Care Essay Sample

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❶Agrees about the necessity to provide children with the best healthcare, there is.

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Should the Government Provide Health Care? Essay Sample
Never say no to what you haven't tried.
Yes the government should

Often times this just leads to complications. The incentive of doctor's to do this is reduced if the government is paying for the treatment than if insurance companies are. A government should provide healthcare because it is a basic right for all individuals. We provide education for all children, with a private option for those who choose, and I feel that should be an option for the health of everyone. Currently people who are too poor to afford healthcare utilize Emergency rooms and Emergency care, without the ability to pay for incredibly high medical bills.

Those bills go unpaid, leaving the rest of the population with higher bills to cover those costs. We should be providing care that is preventative, that costs less, to ensure the health of all people. The government's responsibility it to it's people- their education, their safety, and especially their health. A government should provide healthcare for all of its citizens because it makes for a healthier society overall. Any community is made stronger by the strength of its citizens and a healthy community is definitely a stronger community.

Look, we know that as a democratic country, it is the government's job to take care of us. And a lot of people can not afford health care and they need the government's help. When we created the constitution, we wrote a few things that the government had to do. And it is true that health care wasn't a part of it but there were much less critical diseases back then and much less doctors and much less technology. And with the rise of doctors, technology and critical diseases, the subject of health care grew to become a big importance in our society and government needs to accept to pay the charges.

Because every poor people can come mto government at free of cost and they some low like. So there isa disadvantage in it the Governemt does not provide that much service. There may be some problems like disadvantage of beds,medicines,cleanliness. So there is a aedvantage and disadvantage. But is so much good for rural areas and urban areas poor people. It is way too costly and is only putting the gov. Liberals just like the gov.

If you can only afford Obamacare then maybe you should have gotten a better education. If you die because you can only afford gov. One less person costing the government. If you want medical care then get an education and get a job. It is not the problem of the government to get involved in the private sector. Obamacare is just another tax on the middle class that brought the worst divide in american history.

The governments role is very limited and its powers are listed in the constitution. Four more words needed. Medicare costs the government way more than it should and it is raising our national debt. Private helathcare companies could easily do the job for less, and people shouldn't be forced into buying healthcare if they feel they don't need it. It drives up taxes and the deductibles are so large, it's basically useless for regular doctors appointments.

The government has done a poor job managing the Healthcare situation, medicare and medicaid, and the fact that people believe that the government should monopolize the Healthcare industry is and will be a terrible idea. I also believe that the government should privatize the Healthcare industry and stay out of it. In the 20th century we were duped into thinking that somehow it is an essential role of the government to provide health care This has only been the case within socialism and communism where it meshes quite well with their ideology.

In our case, a free capitalistic market, and enterprise it is contrary to our governments philosophy to mandate it Yet this is hat we have right now. In past times, helping those in need fell to the churches and our neighbors. Since those parties have relinquished their responsibility, the government has filled the vaccuum and now we are all literally mandated to pay for the uninsured.

Healthcare is not a right, it is a benefit. In this case a benefit for those who have not had to wok for it. Because of the raising of taxes, abuse of the healthcare system for sure, take a look at all the countries with free healthcare. Their system is not good because their doctors are busy dealing with everything that they cannot inovate new ways to heal patients. They would only going thru the motions with less training and paychecks.

Even if the government DID provide healthcare, then it would take forever to get what you wanted out of it. They would do as little as they can to help us. They would make us wait months for the healthcare, check up, appointments that. Firstly we all know that the government is quite ineffective at it's job.

WE were created on the premises of liberty. Some people admittedly not that smart do not want health care. This idea is like the government forcing people to eat Burger King over McDonald's. The government is going to pick favorites because certain companies have a relationship with one or more federal politicians as a result of lobbying. The government is not the worlds expert on healthcare, but rather companies who have been doing it perfectly well.

If the government reduces competition prices will go up as you no longer need to have as competitive pricing. The government will not be able to provide enough money to guarantee the use of the most innovative methods of treatment.

A lot of research has been done and the facts and the evidence do not lie! That is why the government should provide health care. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email.

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The Government Should Provide Health Care Essay Sample

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Should Government Provide Free Health Care? Type of paper: Essays Subject: Civil Rights Words: The issue of health care is one of the most important aspects of an election campaign of any political party, which certainly reflects the extent to what the society depends on a good healthcare service.

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Universal health care is a broad notion that has been implemented in several ways. The common denominator for all such programs is some form of government action aimed at providing access to health care as widely as possible. Most countries implement universal health care through legislation, regulation and taxation.

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Mar 07,  · The government should provide healthcare because it will help with health insurance, help families in need, and it will help with giving the people of their country drugs and prescription pills. One example of how the government helps and provides for our country is to provide health/medical insurance. The money spent on unnecessary visits to the emergency room would be better-spent supplementing health care insurance premiums. Government funded insurance premium supplements will save taxpayers’ money in the long run as this will enable people to take advantage of preventative care.

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Forum for essay writing for IELTS and TOEFL. First, should all Americans be entitled to health care as a right and not a. Governments around the world are obliged to provide good medical services for. Two, an effective health care policy should encourage market growth by. English essays on my school should government provide health care . Should the government provide health care? Onn Jaafar This is a Malay name; the name Jaafar is a patronymic, not a family name, and the person should be referred to by the given name, Onn. Dato' Onn Jaafar Dato' Sir Onn bin Ja'afar, KBE ( – January 19, ) was a Malay politician and a Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Johore in .