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AS and A Level: English Literature

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❶So, be it for prose, poetry or drama, do not hesitate at giving MyAssignmentExpert. While studying poetry, students are expected to have a sound knowledge of rhyme, metre, allegories, alliterations, personifications, metaphor etc.

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English literature coursework services: how UK differ from US ones
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Yet they require English literature coursework help so as they come face to face with their numerous assignments and homework. Be it the enticing Middle English poetries by Chaucer or the lavishness and grandeur of the Shakespearean dramas: However, English coursework writing is not as same as reading and appreciating the literature sitting on your sofa. Certain common skills are essential to carve in an excellent English coursework writing that would help you earn your desired grades.

There are various forms of literature and every form has its own complication and subtle nuances that might puzzle the students while doing English coursework writing. Poetry is one of the oldest forms of literature.

Poetry is a very complex and intricate and one of the most beautiful form of literature. A text is considered to be poetry when it has some form of meter or rhythm.

A poetry has poems are a concoction of similes, imageries, metaphors and other figurative languages. The sentences used in poetry are fragmented and short and not necessarily abide by the accuracy in grammar.

There are much poetry the follow a strict structure but there are poetries that are as free as a flowing river with no boundaries. Poetry is one of the shortest form of literature but there are genres like epic poetry than might stretch to form a huge volume of book like Paradise Lost by John Milton. Prose is very everything that poetry is not. There are various kinds of prose like novels, short stories and dramas.

Prose stringently follows a certain structure and is written in complete sentences. Prose is organized in precise and well defined paragraphs. Prose writers generally concentrate on the plot and character rather than on the sound and rhymes like poetry.

Though just like poetry, prose also comprises of figurative languages. Prose has no limitations. Its canvas is as vast as your imagination. Legends, folklores and fairy tales are also some of the forms of prose. Dramas are performed as plays in the theatre but the written format is a distinctive form of literature.

The most unique aspect is that a drama is designed with a purpose to be enacted on the stage. Dramas consist of strong and flowery languages at the same time. It also focuses on the plot, song, characterization, diction, thought, dialogues and spectacle. Dramas are mainly divided in five acts but three dramas are also very popular. There is one type of drama that is called one act drama but it is very difficult to write.

Another form of literature is non-fiction. Nonfiction literature is strictly based on real experience. Journals, diaries, autobiographies, essays and biographies are some of the forms of non-fiction literature.

The use of figurative language can be found in non-fiction but not as abundantly as in poetry or prose. For the convenience of segregation of the subject into well defined and smaller sections, English literature is categorized into various literary periods and ages on the basis of the characterization of the age. Every age or period has been able to gift the world with extraordinary writers who awe-inspired the world with their masterpiece.

The division of the English literature is as follows. We are experts at providing top quality assignment services. And then you can start to look at other texts that have similar themes.

To make your coursework 'good' is impossible for me to say without knowing what exam board you're with, as the exam board would have the Assessment Objectives you get marked with.

Follow 3 I am really familiar with this play, it is one of my favourites. We don't have to so a Shakespeare play but I feel confident that my essay would be better if I had a Shakespeare play with it. Posted from TSR Mobile. Follow 4 Original post by dannilouise I am really familiar with this play, it is one of my favourites. Follow 78 followers 12 badges Send a private message to Pandora. Follow 5 Original post by dannilouise Hi So I'm starting to study English Lit at A2 the only problem I'm having is the free choice of texts you have for coursework.

Follow 6 Themes in a midsummer nights dream are: Follow 7 What do you like about A Midsummer Night's Dream? The language, the characters, the comedy? The themes you listed had "appearance and reality" as well as "illusion" which makes me think you're interested in that area: P If your other text is a novel you might want to think about unreliable narrators, deception of the reader as opposed to the characters being deceived in the play.

Or perhaps magic realism? If you only have to use two texts I'm guessing this is different from my Edexcel specification. Do you know what you get marked on? Just so there's more to say. English Lit A2 Coursework- Feminism in literature help?? English Literature A2 Coursework. Follow 1 Hello, I'm currently in year 12 and I'm having to pick a poetry collection and theory to study for my coursework. I'm totally clueless, if anyone has any ideas about a literally theory or poetry collection pls tell me.

Feminsim, Marxism, pos-colonial, narrative, literally canon and ecocritical. But I am struggling to find the right one, pls help if you've already done this x. Results in partnership with Birmingham City University. Follow 2 Posted on the TSR App. Download from Apple or Google Play. Follow 3 Original post by maria. Follow 4 Follow 5 Follow 6 Original post by Ella So did you use the literary canon for sylvia platt? Follow 7 Follow 8 Original post by Ella Oh thank you this is really helpful xxxx.

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English Coursework Help - English Literature Coursewrok Writing. English is one of the most popular and interesting subjects across the globe. Every year millions of students express their interest in pursuing English in different colleges and universities/5(14K).

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Hello, I'm currently in year 12 and I'm having to pick a poetry collection and theory to study for my coursework. I'm totally clueless, if anyone has any i.

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English literature a level coursework help Manipulating numbers and equations: Tips and strategies for basic business and social institutions. Once upon a time, are slow to find out about local bindery services, ask how to write the kind of talking among ourselves, and with purpose. English literature coursework help service is a website providing degree paper solutions to individual students. Essentially, university and sometimes college classmen are to be interested in this kind of instrument prior to graduating higher educational establishments.

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A Grade English Literature Coursework (A Level) Read Through + Tips South Africa To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book english it will add that book to your votes. English Literature Homework Help English literature encompasses written works in the English language in the form of short stories, novels, novellas, dramas, one-act plays and poems. Even though most students have a strong command over the English language, they find it difficult to study English Literature.